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Summer course Salsa and Bachata


Salsa and bachata dance classes in post-quarantine period!

For the summer period, we will have "after pandemic regime". That means we will have beginners-intermediate classes targeted more to the development of your personal dance skills like coordination, sense of rhythm, body movements, your personal style and not that much attention to partnerwork (but we still will work in couples, but not that much as usual).
The size of the groups is strictly limited: up to 6 students.

Face masks and regular hand sanitizing is mandatory.

  • The course is created for those who already dance salsa and bachata and know well its fundamentals and now is ready to improve themselves in dancing Cuban Salsa and Dominican Bachata

  • Summer course will be targeted to improve your personal dance skills 

  • Our program is carefully created for your best improvement by experienced instructors Maria & Alex who lived a few years in the Dominican Republic exploring bachata and also learned Salsa from many Cuban instructors. 

  • We want you to improve sooner and better! We enjoy watching our students dancing well! 

About the course
Find your friends here!

Dance school, social dances, and parties are the best places for making friends and having a good time!

You don't need to have a partner to come to the dance class! We put couples together right at the class!



Salsa + Bachata

4 weeks Package

4+4 classes 1 hour each

Total 8 hours

Best choice!

EUR 68

1 style 

Salsa or Bachata

4 weeks Package

4 classes 1 hours each

Total 4 hours

EUR  37

1 class/2 classes

No sense to take 1 class only, but if you have no other option...

1 hour

EUR 15/EUR 25


☆If you can't attend for your health reason we move your class to the next month. 

Just notify us.


Start will be announced later

Every Wednesday

19:00 - 20:00 Dominican Bachata 

20:00 - 21:00 Cuban Salsa

Each class lasts 1hour


Mind The Step Cafe

Step Down dance room

24 Strand Street Great,

Dublin 1​

Jervis Luas Stop

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