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Maria Kozlovskaya and Alexander Yumashev are Dominican Bachata and Cuban Salsa instructors and promoters, organisers of many dance events.


Maria Kozlovskaya & Alexander Yumashev (Russia, Ireland)

  • Maria and Alex are spending a lot of time living in the Dominican Republic, exploring its culture and dance.

  • Organisers of regular bachata camps BailaMar in the Dominican Republic.

  • Organisers of unique authentic bachata festival in Russia - Dominican Flow Festival.

  • For a long time been dance instructors in ArmenyCasa - one of the biggest Latin dance school in Russia.

  • Instructors and performers at bachata weekends in many Russian cities, such as Moscow, Kaliningrad, Arkhangelsk, Samara, Ryazan, Vladimir, Bryansk and around the world: Pittsburgh, New York, Denver, Katowitce, Barcelona, Dublin, Santo Domingo. 

  • Instructors, performers and judges at various Dance Festivals in Russia, Dominican Republic, USA, Poland, Spain and Ireland.

Maria has more than 25 years of dance experience and over 15 years of dance teaching. She has been working in various dance styles from classical dance to urban club dancing.

In 2008 together with Alexander she was involved into Latin American dances, such as salsa, bachata and merengue. This passion brought them to the Dominican Republic in 2012. They fall in love with this country and stayed there for a long time to explore bachata. Later on they formed their own vision of teaching bachata and started to organise regular BailaMar Bachata Camps in Dominican Republic in cooperation with Dominican dance instructors.

In 2014 they came back to Russia and started to spread traditional bachata there teaching regular and intensive courses for students of all levels and instructors.

In 2016 they organised the first Authentic Bachata Festival Dominican Flow Fest in Moscow.

In 2018 they moved to Ireland and launched BailaMar Academy here.

Now they are happy to share with you their knowledge, experience and passion in their dance classes in Dublin!

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