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Bachata (Dominican Bachata) is original social dance appeared in the Dominican Republic at the same time with appearing of Bachata music. Bachata was created by people on the streets and parties and got a soul of the Dominican people. Possibility to enjoy life in any life circumstances, paradoxial cheerfulness of men with broken hearts, fun and light sadness at the same time can be heard in Bachata music and same characteristics can be found in this dance. One of the most known genres of Latin American music and dance in the world is now conquering the world for the second time in its original form with the name of Dominican Bachata. 
In BailaMar Bachata Academy in Dublin we teach to dance traditional Dominican Bachata in a way how Dominican people do it. Relaxed and sensual on one hand and creative and challenging on the other. 
We take seriously the process of education and our bachata course is carefully created for your best results. We want you to enjoy your bachata dance as soon as possible, look good on the dance floor, be comfortable partners for all with whom you dance, have fun on Latin parties and festivals! 
Bachata is a dance born on the streets of the Dominican Republic, so to learn it you don't need any special physical conditions like many show oriented dances do. The only thing you need is your wish to dance, enjoy the music and communicate with people. It is very easy to start dancing bachata, but how far and how complicated you can get depends only on yourself!

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