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Latin dance

BailaMar Academy is a dance school that brings to you

to the world of Caribbean dance and music

Dominican Bachata

Bachata (Dominican Bachata) is original social dance appeared in the Dominican Republic at the same time with appearing of Bachata music. Bachata was created by people on the streets and parties and got a soul of the Dominican people. Possibility to enjoy life in any life circumstances, paradoxial cheerfulness of men with broken hearts, fun and light sadness at the same time can be heard in Bachata music and same characteristics can be found in this dance.  Read more...

Cuban Salsa

Cuban Salsa is a very popular latin dance formed in Cuba in mid-1950, also known as Casino or Salsa Cubana. Cuban salsa  traces its origin as a partner dance form Son Cubano with an influence of other genres such as mambo, cha-cha-cha, rumba. Modern style of Cuban salsa that is called Timba has a huge Afro Cuban influence as well. Read more...

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