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Cuban Salsa is a very popular latin dance formed in Cuba in mid-1950, also known as Casino or Salsa Cubana. Cuban salsa  traces its origin as a partner dance form Son Cubano with an influence of other genres such as mambo, cha-cha-cha, rumba. Modern style of Cuban salsa that is called Timba has a huge Afro Cuban influence as well. 

In comparison to other salsa styles such as NY (on2) and LA that are also popular in Dublin, Cuban salsa is less show oriented, doesn’t have that much fast spins and wide moves, while it has a lot of fun hands knots and smooth body movement. In Cuban salsa partners are moving around each other in a shape of a star, while in other styles (NY, LA) partners are always moving on the same line. 

Cuban Salsa is a fun and energetic couple Dance style that can be danced in any latin party, on any surface, in a club, in a park, with any dance partner.  

Among Cuban salsa dancers it is also popular to dance Rueda de Casino. It is a dance game when many couples are making a big circle and one person who is called Cantor shouts out the names of the moves and the whole group is making it together, always rotating and changing partners. 

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