Bachata Improvers Course (5 weeks)

Level 2. Bachata classes for those who already dance bachata or salsa and want to learn Dominican style

What is Dominican Bachata?

Dominican Bachata is an original way to dance bachata the way how Dominican people did it from the times when bachata music has been created on the streets of the Dominican Republic! Since now this dance reflects all the aspects of Caribbean life in it! It can be sensual or even sexy when you dance with a person you love, it can be respectful and romantic, the same time it can be joyful and energetic full of tricky movements or the opposite can be quite relaxed and calm! You choose your own way to dance your bachata with music you like! 

  • Our program is carefully created for your best improvement by experienced instructors Maria & Alex who lived few years in the Dominican Republic exploring its culture and dance to be able to present it to you in the best way.

  • On level 2 we are Improving body movement, partner work and footwork. Explore deeper musicality. Get a bigger vocabulary of variable figures, shines.

  • Course is concentrated on the Dominican style. 

  • Our classes last 1,5 hours each to have enough time for learning and practice! We want you to start dancing soon and better! 

Our program

One style 

Salsa  or  Bachata

5 weeks course

5 classes 1,5 hours each

during 1 month

Total 7,5 hours

EUR  50


Salsa + Bachata

5 weeks course

5 + 5 classes 1,5 hours each

Total 15 hours

Best choice!

EUR 85

1 class

No sense to take 1 class only, but if you have no other option...

1,5 hour

EUR 20


☆ Buying a combo your price is 15% cheaper than a separate style!

☆ If you don't like your first class, you pay nothing 


The start  date to be announced later

Every Friday

19:00 - 20:30 Salsa Level 2

20:30 - 22:00 Bachata Level 2

Each class Level 1 lasts 1h 30 min


Mind The Step Cafe

Dance Room downstairs

24 Strand Street Great,

Dublin 1​

Jervis Luas Stop