Cuban Salsa Improvers Course 

Level 2. Salsa classes for those who already know salsa fundamentals and want to improve in Cuban Salsa

What is Cuban Salsa?

Cuban Salsa is a very popular latin dance formed in Cuba in mid-1950, also known as Casino or Salsa Cubana and more modern style of Cuban salsa Timba with a huge Afro Cuban influence. 

In comparison to other salsa styles such as NY (on2) and LA that are also popular in Dublin, Cuban salsa is less show oriented, doesn’t have that much fast spins and wide moves, while it has a lot of fun hands knots and smooth body movement. In Cuban salsa partners are moving around each other in a shape of a box. 

Cuban Salsa is a fun and energetic couple Dance style that can be danced in any latin party, on any surface, in a club, in a park, with any dance partner.  

Among Cuban salsa dancers it is also popular to dance Rueda de Casino. It is a dance game when many couples are making a big circle and one person who is called Cantor shouts out the names of the moves and the whole group is making it together, always rotating and changing partners. 

  • Our program is carefully created for your best improvement by experienced instructors Maria & Alex, who learned salsa a lot and carefully collected information from many Cuban and international instructors

  • This course is created for those who already knows salsa fundamentals and ready to learn more and improve themselves!

  • On level 2 we are Improving body movement, partner work and footwork. Explore deeper musicality. Get a bigger vocabulary of variable figures, shines and make our rueda more interesting.

  • We want you to learn to dance salsa well! ​

Our program

One style 
Salsa  or  Bachata
4 weeks pack

4 classes 1 hour each

during 4 weeks

EUR  40

Salsa + Bachata
4 weeks pack

4 + 4 classes 1 hour each

Total 8 hours

Best choice!

EUR 68

1 class

No sense to take 1 class only, but if you have no other option...

1 hour

EUR 15


☆ Buying a combo your price is 15% cheaper than a separate style!


☆ If you don't like your first class, you pay nothing 



18:00 Bachata Level 2

19:00 Salsa Level 2

20:00 Bachata Level 1


Mind The Step Cafe

Step Up dance room

24 Strand Street Great,

Dublin 1​

Jervis Luas Stop